Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How To Enjoy Life

I read a blog post today called, 101 small pleasures, but I like to think I would call it "how to enjoy life." I have always believed that it is important to seek out the small pleasures in life in order to really live. Although all these small pleasures on the list are nice to enjoy, I favor some over others. In no perticular order here are a few of my fave simple ways to enjoy life (all of these were taken for the yahoo blog, shine):
  • sleeping in
  • laughing
  • listening to your fave song (I still like listening to the radio when I'm driving, no ipod plug in the car for me!)
  • old fashion photobooths
  • the wind in your hair (especially when you are on the beach!)
  • the smell of lavander
  • smiling at a stranger
  • eating with chopsicks
  • happy endings...even if they are fictional
  • sunshine
  • spending the afternoon in a museum
  • cheesy, uplifting musicals (and for that matter romantic comadies too)
  • hot chocolate
  • jumping in puddles
  • a new magazine in the mail


  1. Me too giiirl!
    Especially -listening to your fave song (when I'm working to something..)
    -sunshine and oh yeah

  2. I'm totally the opposite in the car-- I HAVE to have my mp3 player going. It drives my boyfriend nuts. He gets so annoyed when I sit there looking through my bag for it so we can go :-P

  3. Those are definitely sweet things. Love getting my fav. mag in the mail. If only I could sleep in more.

  4. Cute, finding matching socks makes me pretty happy :)