Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dorm Days

Tonight is my last night in my own room, my own bed, my own house. I am rather sad yet at the same time feeling rather hopeful. I hope that all ends well and I will be happy. Tomorrow I have a bit of a drive until I reach my university of choice then it's the long process of moving into my dorm room. I don't doubt that it will be exhausting, never racking, and exciting all at the same time. However, I am most excited to make new friends, to grow as a person, have fun but most of all to learn! My classes all sound really interesting and I am especially thrilled to be taking intro to journalism and news writing! Also, how awesome is this postcard with someones secret on it? I feel the exact same way as whoever wrote this (although the only difference is I'm a freshman in college not a sophomore).  If I don't blog for a few days then you will know that I am getting adjusted to this new life and having a lot of fun as well! 

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Bunch Of Beauty

This Miss Dior campaign is simply lovely; filled with lots of pinks,
roses, bows, and pretty perfume bottles (and the scent is just
as sweet as the advert).

Long billowy dresses are great for windy days as they just
flutter about you while you gracefully move about. This photograph
is a testament to this truth (plus red dresses are just shockingly
I want these books, all of them, every single last one. The covers
are just so whimsical but also add to the greatness of these 
classic books (not that they need the help). However if I had to own only one of
 these books I would most like to have a copy of this Pride and Prejudice edition.

Earlier this evening my sister and I were planning some of 
our grand European adventure, which shall take place summer
of 2012. One of our planned stops is the city of love (can I say sisterly
love instead?) Paris, France. I've only been to Paris once, my sister
has yet to go, but we both want to visit the Impressionist works of art,
eat macaroons, shop (well... this one's mainly me), and climb 
La Tour Eiffel (second time for me). How can one not be
inspired by this majestic city?

I thought I would cap off the week with a light hearted post of photographs which I am currently inspired by. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lets Start a Voguelutionary!

Why don't fashion magazines get political now days? It seems now more then ever many publications are trying to avoid politics, religion, and human rights issues. Sure they will tackle environmental issues which, don't get me wrong is great, but their are other issues besides the environment which need to be addressed too. Look at the picture above, it features the Dalai Lama and he's not even on the cover of what I first suspected was a Time or Newsweek magazine! Instead this is a Vogue Paris cover from December 1992. The last time US Vogue had someone remotely related to politics, human rights, religion, or the environment was Michelle Obama's March 2009 cover. Michelle was only the second first lady to appear on Vogue, the first being Hilary Clinton in 1998. Magazines, especially fashion rags, don't mind writing about these issues inside their pages but whatever happened to putting them on the front page? Sure you can claim, "well their fashion magazines what did you expect?" but that's no excuse, if they are so willing to push the boundaries inside their pages why shouldn't they be willing to on the cover? First off, I know the answer to my own question, which is that the cover sells a magazine. So rather then having someone like Queen Rania (who in my opinion would be pretty awesome to see on the cover), Gloria Steinem (how neat would that be?) or even Betty White (she's flipping fantastic and so not the average age of a Vogue reader) appear on the cover we are forced to look at Jennifer Aniston's face once again (I actually like Aniston but seriously? She doesn't have anything new to say and her and Brad's relationship is so 2000's).
I did some research with the help of some lovely members over at The Fashion Spot and discovered some interesting facts. Oprah was on the October 1998 issue which was a really, really big deal (not that I remember because I was playing with barbies that year). Anna Wintour told Oprah loose 20 pounds in order to appear on the cover and since no one, I mean NO ONE, says no to Ms. Wintour Oprah quickly shed those pounds.
The last (and first time from what I can tell) time a female athlete was on the cover was in January 2001 (Lebron James was the first male athlete when he posed for the April 2008 cover). Marion Jones was the cover girl, yes I mean THAT Marion Jones who later got her Olympic medals taken away. Vogue had such a great opening this year with the 2010 winter Olympics to put someone different on the cover. I think several female athletes would have made great Vogue cover stars. Women like Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancusco, or Joannie Rochette. I would have even liked it if they put a male Olympian on the cover perhaps posing with a model though. My suggestions would have included Apolo Anton Ohno (who is perhaps one of the most recognizable Olympians), Shaun White, or Johnny Weir (Now that I would like to see... imagine some of the soundbites that you could get from a conversation between him and Andre Leon Tally?!).
I don't think I am asking for a lot, really I'm not, all I want is for Vogue to shake up its image and put interesting people on the cover instead of the same rotation of cover stars. So tell me, who would you love to see on the cover of Vogue?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My sister, her friend and I went to Sephora where I then walked away with quite a loot. I not only bought a new eyelash curler but Korres Thyme Honey moisturizer and a new perfume. I recently ran out my Vera Wang Princess perfume which I had received for a Hanukkah present three years ago and ever since then I had been searching for the perfect new scent. I found it in D&G's collection of perfumes which is five scents which smell heavenly. My favorite is 3 L'Imperatrice which has a sweet mix of fruity and flowery. As soon as I smelt it I said to my sister, "this smells like me" and she agreed, it does smell like something I would wear and its an embodiment of my personality. As Sephora's website describes L'Imperatrice its, "confident, charismatic, and boundary-shattering" all three words which I would like to think myself as! I cannot wait to apply this on every morning, it just makes me happy. I've always believed that makeup is meant to only enhance your natural beauty, not change it, and this D&G perfume does just that! Also did you know L'Imperatrice means empress? So basically that's why I feel like a queen when I wear it!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I recently discovered an awesome website/community for those with artistic pursuits called HitRecord. Now I am no artist; I just like to doodle, make collages, and write stories but after perusing this site it has really got me inspired. Its a community of people who draw, paint, write stories/songs, make videos, or anything artistic really but what the neat thing about it is its all collaborative. When you put a piece of your work on the site you are thereby allowing a fellow member to use it, however they see it fit (while giving you credit of course), which leads to some interesting collabs. Oh, and did I tell you the founder of HitRecord is none other then my current crush Joseph Gordon Levitt? No? Well, now you know! This video is one of my favorite clips on the site, it was a collaboration between JGL, Sean Lennon (yes John Lennon's son, he wrote the song and sang it too!), and members of this online community. Honestly, ever time I watch this it makes me grin ear to ear. The song lyrics are just so catchy, its well made, and just plain cute!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brand New Shoes

She & Him

She & Him by the fairytale featuring Beyond Vintage dresses

Once again, you all have to suffer through my love of She & Him (of which I've been listening too non-stop over the last few days) this time in polyvore form though! MWAHAHA (my sad attempt at evil laughter...). So this look was inspired in part by the look which Zooey is sporting in the picture, the cover art for Volume II, and the song Brand New Shoes. First off you will noticed I mimicked the album cover look with a trench coat, and bag. The shoes are red because of a line from Brand New Shoes "I had some brand new shoes they were all red, but they gave me the blues." The blue dress also comes from the dress which Zooey is wearing and the song lyrics. RayBan's are just awesome and something which I know Zooey or M. Ward would sport. The bee ring is quirky, like the band and this lip gloss is just here because it's my favorite brand and always works like a charm. So clearly you can see, I have simply too much time on my hands, so much so that I can come up with these elaborate ideas! Quick, get me back to school before my brain officially melts from lack of stimulating knowledge! I start uni soon for which I am rather excited/nervous/scared for but which I am sure will be a lot of hard work and fun.


She & Him - Thieves from Merge Records on Vimeo.
I know I've espoused my love for all things Zooey Deschanel plenty of times on this blog but please let me indulge once more. Now watch this video before I go any further. You watched it? Okay, good. First off let me state; why is this video so fucking adorable? Seriously, this wins major brownie points for cuteness. I also love it for the way the video was shot with a silent film feel to it as well in black and white. Most musical artists tend to go for the glitz and glamour when making a video, oh and don't forget the completely blunt sexist treatment of women in music videos. I think what makes She & Him so great is they are none of that, nor do they attempt to get listeners to buy into that sort of garbage. All they want is to make a good record, no bells and whistles attached. Its a shame that they don't get much time on the radio waves but instead we are forced to listen to a kid named Justin Bieber and a glitter-Native American wannabe- fairy named Ke$ha (please don't even get me started on how much Ke$ha's wearing of Native American headdresses is offensive... or else you would be reading this for another hour). So tell me, this video made you smile right? Also whats your favorite She & Him song? Personally I'm loving Thieves, Brand New Shoes, and You've Really Got A Hold On Me at the moment but my favorite songs are always changing.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free The Hikers

                                     (Josh Fattal, Sarah Shourd, and Shane Bauer)
On July 31, 2009 three Americans were hiking near the Ahmed Awa waterfall in Iraq however at some point they perhaps mistakenly crossed over into Iran. It was at this point that Sarah Shourd, Josh Fattal, and Shane Bauer were wrongly arrested by the Iranian government. Ever since that day the three have been detained in Iran, in near isolation from the outside world in the famed Evin prison (its famed for its horrible treatment of prisoners). They have not had access to their lawyer or barely anyone else who wishes to help them since they arrived at Evin, which was over a year ago. This is a serious violation of human rights; no access to a defense attorney, Sarah has been in solitary confinement for the whole time, no trial date set, ect. So please just take a few moments out of your day and go to www.freethehikers.org and sign the petition to release them so they can return home safe and sound. I just signed the petition and I know it is the best thing which I've done all day, if perhaps not all week. This could save three peoples lives, so please unite and help make their wish for freedom a reality.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Viva La Queen!!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about Marie Antoinette. Ever since I started reading a book which takes place during revolutionary France its reminded me a lot of the young Queen. Throughout the book they mention the Queen and her family and at one point you even get a glimpse of them trying to escape Paris. All this brought back memories of the first time I ever picked up a Vogue magazine, Kirsten Dunst was on the cover for the release of her film Marie Antoinette. So really I have a lot to thank this Queen, it was a biography of her life which opened me up to the world of fashion (which let's be honest she knew a thing or two about). The film also ranks up at the top of my list of great fashion moments in cinematic history. The clothes were just as much a part of the story as the acting was. They helped to carry the film along and show the viewer what was occurring in Marie Antoinette's life at the moment. So I thought I would re-invent some of the outfits which Kirsten Dunst sports in the film while playing this doomed Queen, except make it a bit more modern.

Paint By Covers

I found this interesting article on Jezebel.com about everyones favorite magazine issue: September. I really enjoyed reading the satistics so I figured I would share with you what I read. Hopefully i'm not the only person who thinks that these types of things are cool (but thats the magazine dork in me). So tell me, whats your favorite september magazine cover?

First, titles and cover stars, from left to right:
Row 1: AllureKim KardashianHarper's Bazaar US (subscriber cover), Jennifer AnistonHarper's Bazaar Australia, Elle MacPhersonHarper's Bazaar US (newsstand cover), Jennifer Aniston; Harper's Bazaar Japan, Cameron Diaz and Tom CruiseHarper's Bazaar UK (subscriber cover), Gisele Bündchen; Cosmopolitan US, Jessica AlbaDazed & ConfusedDakota FanningElle US, Julia Roberts.
Row 2: Elle UK, Emily BluntEssenceNaomi CampbellIman Abdulmajid, and Liya KebedeFlareDoutzen KroesGlamour US, Jennifer LopezGlamour UK, Katy Perryi-D, three covers, Kate MossLady Gaga, and Naomi Campbell; LOVERosie Huntington-Whiteley.
Row 3: LuckyJessica SimpsonMarie Claire US, three covers, Mary-Kate OlsenMoreLaura LinneyTeen VogueVictoria JusticeVanity Fair US & UK, Lady Gaga; Vogue US, Halle BerryVogue Australia, Catherine McNeil.
Row 4: Vogue Japan, Natasha PolyVogue Portugal, Olga SchererVogue UK, Kate Moss; Vogue Germany, Constance Jablonksi; Vogue China, two covers, Feifei SunLiu WenMing XiShu Pei Qin, and Tao OkamotoW, triple gatefold, Yaya DaCostaJennifer LawrenceGreta GerwigKat DenningsJessica ChastainEmma RobertsZoe Kravitz, and Mary-Elizabeth Winstead.

September By The Numbers
  • Number of magazines pictured above: 29
  • Number of people on all the covers of these magazines: 48 (including six people with covers of LOVE, not pictured)
  • Notable magazines not appearing here: Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia, neither of which is out yet
  • Number of magazines that have multiple covers: 8 (counting Harper's Bazaar US & UK's subscriber and newsstand covers; LOVE's eight covers; Glamour UK's eight regional covers, each of which features Katy Perry; i-D's three covers; American Marie Claire's three covers; Vogue China's two covers; and W's triple gatefold cover)
  • Number of covers featuring Gisele Bündchen: 2 (counting one cover of LOVE, not pictured)
  • Number of covers featuring Naomi Campbell: 2
  • Number of covers featuring Kate Moss: 2
  • Number of covers featuring Lady Gaga: 2
  • Number of covers featuring one or more people of color: 6
  • Total number of people of color on all of these magazines: 12
  • 12 out of 48 makes: 25%
  • Number of years since a black woman was last on the September cover of American Vogue21
  • Year in which American Vogue first featured a black cover model: 1974, with Beverly Johnson
  • Ratio of actresses : singers : models: 21 : 3 : 23
  • Number of reality television stars who wanted to be on a magazine cover without first staging a fight with a female family member: 1
  • Ratio of women : men: 47 : 1
  • Oldest person on a September cover: Lauren Hutton, 66, LOVE (not pictured)
  • Youngest person on a September cover: Dakota Fanning, 16, Dazed & Confused
  • Number of women over 40 on a September cover: 10, including American ElleVogue, and Glamour
  • Uncanny Valley Award For Most Outrageous Photoshop: Essence
  • Most wtf hair: American Vogue
  • Number of magazines in addition to i-D, where such a pose is traditional, where a person on the cover was snapped covering up or closing one eye: 5
  • Number of black-and-white covers: 8, counting Hutton's LOVE cover and the subscriber covers of US & UK Harper's Bazaar
  • Prettiest cover: Gisele Bündchen for Harper's Bazaar UK, duh
  • Number of covers pictured above with the word "Va-jay-jay" in 48-point font: 1
  • Number of covers pictured above with the words "Fall Fashion": 9
  • Number of issues claiming to be the "Fashion Issue": 6
  • Number of American nationals involved in the creation of Vogue Japan's "American Beauty" cover: probably zero, given the fashion editor is Italian, the photographers are Dutch, and the model is Russian
  • Achievement Award For Most Awkward Pose: jointly given to Jessica Simpson and Elle MacPherson
  • Most original cover of a mainstream magazine: Lady Gaga on Vanity Fair. Duh.