Saturday, January 30, 2010

500 Days Of Summer...

Tom: What happens when you fall in love?
Summer: You believe in that?
Tom: It's love, not Santa Claus.

These lines are some of my favourite ones from the film 500 Days of Summer. I finally saw the film tonight after much waiting. I liked the plot, the acting, and the soundtrack although I felt it was a little slow paced at some parts. Although I must say Joseph Gorden Levitt is mighty fine lookn'! Do you remember when he was on 3rd Rock from the Sun? Gosh that was so long ago.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Shopper

Isn't this necklace insane?
Why instead of having the whole world in
your hands, you can have it on your neck!
Designed by Design Glut.
Ohhhhh... its shiny, doubles as a mirror, and feathers!
A combo of three of my favourite things, makes for
a pretty awesome necklace. Kidviskous designed
this beautiful piece.
This simple Victorian inspired key ring was made by
Anne Kiel Jewelry. I could really see myself wearing
this beautiful ring.
I just discovered a really neat website called supermarket. They sell a variety of different designers from all around the world with a large selection of jewelery, accessories, paper products, ect. All the jewelery above is reasonably price, and now I know what website I am going to ask for all my birthday presents to come from!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

These Retro Feelings

I really love this retro feeling of the new Teen Vogue editorial shoot. It feels like an updated version of a sock hop complete with a milkshake! When I look at these images it makes me want to put on my flounciest skirt and wear a big bow in my hair, all while listening to some Elvis!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I've Created a Tumblr account (which I know is pretty much like blogger but...) so I can post more of my images and inspiration based things on their. I think I want it to be more of a travel based site. Don't worry, I shall still be blogging away on here too, its just I want to try writing more articles, but I figure Tumblr is better for photographs and what not. Feel free to visit my Tumbler if you want!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Model Citizen

Jalouse magazine. I really love the
sunny colours of this photograph. It
has a very 60's quality to it, but maybe
that is because of the shoes and dress which
the model is wearing look like it could be from that era.
French Vogue. Set in Morocco, this editorial combines
three very different things; the atmosphere of Morocco
with an almost 1950's feeling with the hairstyles and model's wearing
safari jackets. This just proves how sometimes unrelated things
can somehow just go together.
This cool almost kaleidoscope thing going on
in the photograph is what really drew me to
this image. I also loved the colour of the leggings
and shirt which the model is wearing, it is
something which I would wear!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This image from a 1920's themed editorial in
German Vogue is just smashing! It evokes
everything which one imagines when thinking
about the roaring 20's!
I love the cheekiness to this photograph. At first
glance you imagine its going to be a nice pretty
image but then you notice the model is sticking her
tongue out, which makes it all the better!
I think I've stated several times on this blog that I love black and white images. I've always believed that they are photography in its purist form; after all photography began with B&W images, not color. For my photography class in school we shoot and develop our own rolls of B&W film. It is pretty awesome to be able to experience each step in the process which goes into creating an image and developing it. Sadly B&W photography is a dying art, people think why should I take a roll of film when I can just shoot digital and then change it on photoshop. Personally, I know I shall try to keep practicing this dying art for as long as I can, its just too beautiful to loose.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspire Me

This is totally true plus the colours in the photograph
are gorgeous, no?
This dress includes some of my favourite things:
tulle, pale pink, sashes, and fabric flowers. How adorable!

Both of these images are stunning, they invoke a certain
feeling of days gone by, during a forgotten era.

I adore the pale nude/cream tones of the dresses which
both girls are wearing.

As a self professed Harry Potter geek I
love anything which has to do with it, which
means this Bonnie Wright photograph is even
more awesome. Although, even if she wasn't Ginny
I still would love this picture, just because I love
headband which she is sporting. Its totally outrageous
yet, somehow works on her.

I've been enamoured with braids for a long
time now, but I've finally professed my love for them on
this blog. I am trying to grow my hair out long enough
so I can try out this hair trend and I can't wait until its the
right length.

I feel like its time for another inspiration post, its been awhile. It seems to me like I just hoard images which inspire me and they sit in files the computer waiting to be shown on this blog. So enjoy all these images which have recently struck my fancy.


This was an amazing weekend filled with lots of laughter, music, and excitement. After five years of waiting I was able to see the musical WICKED! We had such good seats; eighth row, right in the center so we could see everything! The musical was everything I thought it would be and more. The set was fantastic, the acting was incredible, the comedic timing impeccable, the singing brilliant, and the costumes were stunning! If you ever get the opportunity to see WICKED I highly recommend seeing it (I also love the book so I would recommend reading it as well) for the musical will challenge you to rethink your ideas about if people are born wicked or if they can become so, the importance of friendship and politics.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is my new motto for 2010!
Just a quick post, but I wanted to share with you an image or two which I found on, one of my fave sources of inspiration.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I think all of us have the opportunity to stand up for whats right and lend a helping hand now more then ever. As I am sure you all know by now, the country of Haiti was hit with a massive earthquake which has devastated this island nation. Haiti needs all the support and funding it can get, in order to start the relief process. It is really important to me that we do all we can, after all in a time of need wouldn't you like a helping hand too? As a member of my Amnesty International chapter we are trying to send all the money we make at our next fundraiser (which is coming up soon) to relief efforts. Some ways you can help is by donating money to the American Red Cross, Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders, Yele Haiti (which was started by Wyclef Jean), and any other organization which you know is helping the people of Haiti. So support the people of Haiti and give, even if it is a dollar or two, since everything will be put to good use.

Monday, January 11, 2010


The simplicity of this photograph is beautiful, it doesn't have any fancy gimmicks, telling you to "look at me! look at me!". Although the big bow does add a nice touch of whimsicality. Sometimes I think images are even better in black and white then colour. Like this image, I'm sure it would be lovely in colour but in black and white it just really POPS!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder...

So by now I'm sure most of you have either herd of or seen the issue of V magazine where they feature plus sized models. I could not be more happier about this, I think its high time that fashion wasn't all about the skinny minis and allows some "bigger" girls show off. Personally looking at these two images next to each other I think Crystal Renn (the "plus sized" model) looks better then the other one. Renn actually looks how real women look, and shes showing the world that's cool to be who you are, whether your a size 2 or a size 12. I really hope that using "plus size" models catches on and it becomes the norm. What do you think of all the hoopla over this?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Indie Girl

I think this photograph accurately juxtapositions the East
meets West ideas perfectly. For here we
have women in traditional dress, and then the model
(Gemma Ward) in "western" clothing. It is this juxtaposition
which I think makes India so unique.

Please just take a moment and appreciate the craftsmanship
which must go into creating such a detailed garment, plus the
bright pink colour is fabulous, no?

I think that Lakshmi Menon has quite the potential to
take the fashion world by storm (which she has already begun
too) thereby leading a change in the future crop of popular models
who will be more diverse in terms of their looks and ethnicity's. She
is one of my favourite models, since she looks so different then
everyone else who is gracing the pages of Vogue.

For me I find India to be quite a paradox- it wants to cling to its rich cultural history and traditions yet at the same time become the leader of tomorrow. It is this paradox which makes me have no doubt that this will be true; for they have such a large amount of diversity that they are equipped with the tools to change how we perceive technology/culture/art/ect. And I for one, cannot wait to see how they do this!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So today the new spring Burberry adverts featuring
Emma Watson were released to the press. I love the
contrast of these advertisements compared to the fall
adverts, everything seems so much more crisp and light
coloured (which it should, it is spring after all). Imagine
to my surprise though when I found out that the male
model in the photograph above is Emma's younger
brother, Alex! Looks like we've got another Watson on
our hands!
I love the detail on the shoulder of the jacket. It
is so elegant and simple, yet its not (does that
make any sense?). Plus it is such a
creamy pale pinkish colour, which I think
is the perfect springtime colour.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Since it is a new year and time for new beginnings I think it is only fitting that I make a resolution or two. Though my resolution I think isn't your typical one (think working out more, though I really do need to go to the gym more often). In this coming year I hope to travel even more then last year. Trips to California, NYC, Boston, and more completed last years travel schedule. So I really want to go even more places and experience even more things in 2010! I love to travel, its one of my favourite things. If I could pack up my bags and travel for the rest of my life, always moving around and seeing new places I totally would. More often then not I have to travel through books, reading about other peoples grand adventures, but hears to hoping I have a few myself this year!