Friday, February 26, 2010

Ranting And Lula

Warning Rant Ahead; Read At Your Own Caution:
Gerrrrrrrrrr.... This dang computer/Blogger! It STILL will not let me upload any images, even after I've tried everything! I even tried fixing it myself, which actually I am rather proud of. I read all the directions which were suggested and did them perfectly, this is really rare for me considering how lacking I am in computer skills. So anyways... enough of my complaining and onto better things! I was going to show you all the pretty new spring 2010 Lula covers, but no, Blogger/computer decided to be a pain (Whoops! Their I go again... haha). For the tenth issue of Lula the magazine publishers choose to produce seven covers with seven different models. Models such as the always stunning Chanel Iman, Kate Somers, Liu Wen and more! This is such a good way to celebrate a tenth issue I think, why not make it a collectors item? Now all I have to do is collect them all...
P.S. If you do want to see each of the seven covers go check out,, I've should have linked you right to the page! Let me know if it didn't link it though please, thanks!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Vogue

I just bought my copy of the March issue of American Vogue and let me say, it weighs a ton! It is the second biggest issue which Vogue has ever printed, this is after the Sienna Miller issue a few years ago. I love that its huge, although it does mean its a lot more weight to carry around in my school bag. As soon as I found out Tina Fey was on this months issue I was positively giddy, she is such a funny women! For me I think she's right up on the top of the greatest funnies in the business (Amy Poehler and Ellen are the other two). I mean who can forget her hu-lar-i-o-us saint as the infamous Sarah Palin on SNL? I have yet to finish reading the magazine but I can already tell its going to be good. Perhaps this is Vogues way of saying, "We're Back! Magazines are here to stay!?" Anyways... what do you think of Vogue or magazines in general? Personally I am such a huge fan of magazines, I can't even begin to tell you how much I spend on them monthly, it's rather shameful.
P.S. I was going to post a photograph from Tina Fey's shoot which Vogue but for some reason Blogger is being a pain and wont let me upload it! Urghhh.... sometimes the Internet can be such a fickle thing!

My Little Traveler

I have created another blog called, The Frequent-Flyer, which is devoted completely to travel. Anything and Everything about travel; from my favourite travel products, travel books, places I've been, places I wish to go to, and my inspiration for traveling. So please visit my new blog if you are just as crazy as I am for traveling! Don't worry though I shall maintain both these blogs, but I figured I would create one just for traveling since this blog is focused more of fashion related subjects. Any who... Happy Travels!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ever After

(I think this is one of the
most gorgeous dresses I've ever seen in
cinematic history... so pretty!)
"My great-grandmothers portrait hung in the University up until the Revolution. By then, the truth of their romance had been reduced to a simple fairytale. And, while Cinderella and her prince live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived." ~Ever After

I like the idea of a Cinderella story but I really despise certain aspects of one. Many Cinderella stories portray her as a girl who cannot stand up for herself and needs a prince to save her from misery. Unlike many of these versions the film, Ever After, is completely different. In the film "Cinderella" must deal with a crappy family situation but she proves things can get better, but only if you make it happen, not wait for someone else too. So now I am off to watch the film for like the 20th time!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just My Type Of Tea

"Suppose you are drinking a cup of tea. When you hold your cup, you may like to breath in, to bring your mind back to your body, and you become fully present. And when you are truly there, something else is also there- life, represented by the cup of tea. In that moment you are real, the cup of tea is real. You are not lost in the past, in the future, in your projects, in your worries. You are free from all of these afflictions. And in that state of being free, you enjoy your tea. That is the moment of happiness, and of peace."~Thich Nhat Hanh

I read this quote by the Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh in the March issue of O magazine (yes, I read O mag, my mother subscribes to it. I have found that they often have really thought provoking articles) and was instantly drawn to it. I feel that he describes the process of drinking tea perfectly, I couldn't have said it better! On these cold winter nights I love drinking a nice cup of tea, it just warms me up. Personally, I am a huge fan of Marks and Spencers Gold and also of Rooibos tea. So now I am asking you what is your favourite kind of tea and why is that? I would love to try a new type of tea, sometimes it is boring drinking the same old same old.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gone Away

Happy Chinese News Years!
Ahh... this looks so peaceful! Boy do I long for

those calm summer days...

I just love this dress, it reminds

me of something worn in the film

Pride and Prejudice.

Don't fret, I have not forgotten about you! I wish I had a good excuse for as to why I haven't blogged much over the last few days but.... I spent most of my time watching the Olympics. Hasn't it been a great start to the games? Such as today, Shawn White got the gold medal for the half pipe event! I am such a huge Shawn White fan... its rather embarrassing that I still have photograph of him hanging on my wall since the last winter Olympics! So now I suppose I shall leave you with a few neat photographs which I recently stored in my inspiration folder on my desktop.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Games

Every two years I prepare myself for two weeks of intense television watching, yes, I am talking about watching the Olympics. As many of you know it is the winter Olympics in Vancouver this year and I have a feeling that we are going to witness great fetes of human endurance and athleticism. Last night was the opening ceremony which I think was wonderfully done especially amid all the tragedy. Yesterday a Luger from Georgia, Nodar Kumaritashvili, was killed while practicing. My heart goes out to his family, friends, teammates, and countrymen and I am truly saddened by this news. Today though was the first day of the games, and what a great start it was! I loved watching the short track races (does the name Apolo Ohno ring a bell?) it was filled with lots of competition and surprises. South Korea managed to get first, Ohno second, and J.R. Celski (he's American too). So I think we are off to a pretty good start and I can't wait to what happens next. Are their any sports/people which you are looking forward to watching during the Olympics?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


(I always loved the whimsicality's of the
butterfly's... this represents
the genius of McQueen I think)
RIP Mr. Alexander McQueen! I think he was gone too soon but what an inspiration he was to people. He forced you to think outside of the box and question everything- that I think is the definition of a true inspiration!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, so true.... wise words to live by!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Travel Guide

After reading a blog post about (on, its a really cool blog so go check it out) the types of clothes to wear while traveling and then discovering a cool website which specializes in travel beauty products I knew I had to write about some of my faveourtie travel sites for my 200th post! As I've stated on here several times, I love the joy which traveling brings me. I love exploring new places, meeting new people, and even the journey en route to the destination.

If your anything like me you try to find beauty products which are tiny enough to fit the travel restrictions, but to no avail. Luckily, the website has come to the rescue! They only sell beauty products which are 3 fluid ounces or less, so they fit the TSA rules. A lot of the products are big name brands such as Ahava (which I'm partial too), Philip B., GO Smile, and Pangea Organics, ect. Plus almost all the brands which they sell are organic/eco friendly and are reasonably priced.

Another website which I just discovered and think is amazing is It allows you to plan trips whether its a dream or a forthcoming reality. If you find cool restaurant you want to try, or a hotel you want to sleep at you can bookmark it so when the time comes all your informatuon is all in one place.

Last but not least is and Both websites are fantastic if your just starting to research for an upcoming trip. I hope I was able to help you out with your future travel plans! Bon Voyage!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pale Dresses

This is such a beautiful editorial from Vogue Nippon. I love all the shear and pale colours of the dresses. These photographs represent the dresses which I long to wear if I had a fancy place to go! Do you recognize the last dress? Chloe Sevigny wore it to a recent red carpet event. Personally, I think it almost looks better on the model then Chloe, I like the whimsicality of the bow.