Friday, March 20, 2009

Eight Day's A Week...

Wow! This week has gone by so fast, I had so much going on, that I didn't even have time to blog! My Birthday was on Wednesday, it was such a low key event, just the way I wanted it to be. Sometimes its nice to have a simple birthday, with no loud shebang! Although, my friend A and I are having a little party tomorrow with some friends, it should be very fun, and I can't wait for it! We went out for Thai food for my Birthday dinner, it was so yummy! I just love the more "exotic" foods compared to standard "American" foods, it just tastes so much better. Give me a plate of Thai, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Jewish/Middle Eastern foods and I am happy!
Yesterday, my schools Amnesty International club (of which I am a member) had it's annual Coffee House. Our Coffee House's usually have singers or guest speakers, this time we had both! We had a lady who had lived through the Bosnian War come and speak at our Coffee House, her story was so interesting to listen to, she was seventeen when she left the country and fled to America! Our other guest speaker, was someone who I found his story to be so heartbreakingly sad. He is an Iraqi refugee, who is not that much older then me! His father disappeared when he was about thirteen or fourteen, his family is not quite sure weather he is dead or alive. His family then fled to Syria after his fathers disappearance, and from there they have all been scattered across the globe. He is study here in America for four years and during this time, he is forbidden to leave the country and then after four years he must leave the country and continue his studies elsewhere. I think it is terrible that he cannot see his family since they are scattered in places such as France, Australia, and Syria. His story is so sad, yet it seems to me that he is greatful for the opportunities which he has been given. To him, education is the most important thing in the world, besides family; yet here in America many people don't take advantage of the opportunities which we have been given. He also stressed the importance of the realization that everyone is human, and we are all the sane, no matter what people say. After the Coffee House some of my friends and I stayed and chatted with him for awhile, just talking with him made me realize how "normal" everyone is, no matter what background you come from!
P.S. I am terribly sorry about the wickedly long blog post its just that I really wanted to tell you about the Coffee House, I was so moved by his story, that it made me realize that I want to do something with my life where I can help people tell there "stories." That's why right now I am thinking about majoring in photography, that way I can be a photographer and take pictures to help tell peoples stories (although, I could end up changing what I want to major in, I've done that several times already!).

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