Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happiness Is....

Sooooo....... I"M BACK!!!! We just got back early yesterday morning, I could have posted yesterday but as soon as I saw my bed I was cuddled up in its sheets and sleeping. I had been up for more then twenty four hours, with not even a wink of sleep. I have lots to tell you about our crazy time in California but I think I shall save them until I upload some photographs of our trip, that way you will get the whole picture. Though I will tell you I found the most magical magazine store near my great aunt's apartment. When I walked in I felt like I had died and went to heaven, ha! The walls were lined with all sorts of magazines, many of them seriously hard to find where I live too. From Vogue India, Vogue Nippon, to LOVE, to Lula, they had everything! I had been searching for an issue of Lula for over a year and a half when I found one in the store. I was positively thrilled, since the magazine has beautiful photographs and sweet little articles. so now excuse me while I go and study the wonderful photos in Lula.

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