Saturday, August 29, 2009

Think About...

I love the beauty which the power of quotes can have over a person. I think its beautiful that words can have so much power. Its the only thing which I can think of which has as much power to destroy a person besides weapons or the power to build up a person. It amazes me that we have such power to use as we wish. It is my hope that we can use these words in order to help restore peace and prosperity. I love both the above quotes i think they both have a profound importance on me. It a fact that we all that one person who changed us so much yet we are greatful for this, since it helped us become who we always were. Then the second quote is so beautiful, were all looking for a little bit of love, it doesn't matter if it comes from a parent, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a sibling, or a friend. Just to know that you are loved and love in return is something worth fighting for. God, I think I've gone all romantic and sappy on you, sorry for that. I blame it on I Capture The Castle, since I am re-reading it right now. Its such a good sweet story.