Friday, September 3, 2010

These First Days

I'm all settled in my dorm and life at my uni is great! I've only been here for two days and I've already made a few friends (which let me tell ya, is nice when you want to go to the dinning hall... then you don't have to eat by yourself). I just got back from seeing a hypnotist perform with a few people and it was insanely awesome. At first I was skeptical about the whole thing but it was quite obvious that they were under his spell. The volunteers did anything he wanted them too all while exploring the depths of their imagination. One guy was told to pretend he was a kangaroo and then look down his pouch (his pants!) and then hop across the stage and stuff bread down his pants in order to feed his baby! Then he was told that he wouldn't remember it until he got changed for bed, when he found the bread! HILARIOUS! Although slightly cringeworthy for all those involved.Anyways, its past midnight and I have to be up early so its bed time for me.

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  1. ahh i'm going to a hypnotist tonight at my university- i'm really excited!!
    glad you had fun :]]]

    Charlotte xxx