Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dorm Days

Tonight is my last night in my own room, my own bed, my own house. I am rather sad yet at the same time feeling rather hopeful. I hope that all ends well and I will be happy. Tomorrow I have a bit of a drive until I reach my university of choice then it's the long process of moving into my dorm room. I don't doubt that it will be exhausting, never racking, and exciting all at the same time. However, I am most excited to make new friends, to grow as a person, have fun but most of all to learn! My classes all sound really interesting and I am especially thrilled to be taking intro to journalism and news writing! Also, how awesome is this postcard with someones secret on it? I feel the exact same way as whoever wrote this (although the only difference is I'm a freshman in college not a sophomore).  If I don't blog for a few days then you will know that I am getting adjusted to this new life and having a lot of fun as well! 

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