Friday, December 3, 2010

Taking Center Stage

Vogue. The cast of Billy Elliot posing along side a model.
Look at the gorgeous gown she's wearing! 

 Wendy's explanation of grace is exactly
how I view it. It is so much more then physical
but a mental state as well. 
Source unknown. I love the sense of poise and
whimsy captured in this photograph. 

 Ballerina Project (check out its Tumblr
and Facebook page). This is such an
amazing project- ballerina's are photographed
all around NYC. This tumblr is where I've
continuously found much of my inspiration. 

It seems that my blog has fallen to the wayside for much of these last few months. I love blogging but school work always comes first. Luckily, I have a free day today, so I figured I would get typing. I've recently become obsessed with dance. I was a dancer for twelve years, specializing in Modern Dance, and recently I've fallen in love with it once again. Searching the inter-web for photographs of girls dancing has taken over much of my free time. I am constantly searching for inspiration and I seem to find it in people dancing, especially ballet. Growing up, one of my dreams was to be a prima ballerina and dance with a company. Alas, such dreams never came to fruition but I still find so much inspiration from such dancers. Their is so much grace, humility, strength and power to be found in such photographs.