Monday, February 21, 2011

40 Places I Want To Travel To

-this is a list of 40 places i want to someday visit. i have my reasons as to why i want to see all of these places (although a few places i just want to revisit) but i wont bore you with them (except in a few cases).-
  1. paris, france (again)
  2. london, england (again)
  3. tel aviv, israel
  4. mumbai, india
  5. toronto, canada
  6. bali
  7. vancouver, canada 
  8. majorca, spain
  9. bhutan 
  10. tibet 
  11. copenhagen, denmark 
  12. capri, italy
  13. marrakech, morocco 
  14. istanbul, turkey 
  15. iceland (it would have to be with my dad though. he’s always wanted to see this country.)
  16. sydney, australia
  17. new zealand (this place looks so amazing… my god… paradise on earth!)
  18. tallinn, estonia
  19. san francisco, usa (again)
  20. monaco 
  21. stockholm, sweden
  22. luxembourg 
  23. italy (again)
  24. greece
  25. namibia 
  26. thailand, bangkok (to visit a friend)
  27. buenos aires, argentina 
  28. patagonia, argentina
  29. vienna, austria 
  30. croatia
  31. washington d.c. (again)
  32. amman, jordan
  33. hawaii
  34. dubai, uae
  35. oxford, england
  36. geneva switzerland
  37. provence, france (my mom studied in this area when she was 14. i want to see what she saw.)
  38. tokyo, japan
  39. rajasthan, india
  40. colorado (for skiing of course!) 
so where do you want to travel too? whats on the bucket list?


  1. Ahhh uhhhhh too many!

    Spain (the whole thing), Vancouver (for the 4th time), Montreal (again), Instanbul, New Zealand, the entirety of Russia (European and Asian parts), all over Eastern Asia, Brazil, Peru..... so much more than I'll ever actually do!

  2. What a great list. I'm huge on traveling. I can't wait to travel the world. I've visited many of these places with my family when I was younger. I didn't really appreciate the experience back then. I was just too young and disinterested, that's why I need to revisit a lot of these cities.

    I just visited Bangkok in January and it's a nice place for shopping. I'm from Hong Kong, so I'm used to cosmopolitan modern cities with lots of shopping malls. I didn't get to visit the temples and floating market sadly. Next time.

    My family and I go to New Zealand every year to ski. But I guess that won't happen any time soon since I'll be starting work this summer (that is if I find a job in the U.S.). It's really beautiful there. If I go back, I want to go bungee jumping and go on the Lord of the Rings tour, for sure.

    I must visit every single Western European country and then Eastern Europe and then I want to conquer South America and then Asia. Mostly, I just want to visit the world's greatest landmarks and monuments, you know?

    I hope you get to visit all these places. My Dad went to Oxford University, so I've been there. It's a nice place. I miss England, I used to go to boarding school in Kent.

    Traveling gets me excited, excuse the long comment! :)

  3. Well.... I think I agree with your list. But in my case my first option is Argentina. My grandpartents are from there, but I've never visited them (they always came to visit us). So I'm planning to a trip to South AMerica... I'll be a month in the buenos aires apartment and then I'll be 4,5 days visiting the most important cities of Brazil, Chile and Peru.
    After this trip I'd like to follow this list that you're showing here!

  4. Awesome list! I'm interested in seeing almost anywhere in Asia-- probably because it's such a foreign culture. In America I think the culture is a lot more similar to Europe than it is to Asia, plus we study about it a lot more.