Monday, February 7, 2011

Print vs. Internet

This video properly addresses why magazines are not dead. A lot of people ask me when I tell them I love magazines and want to work in the industry someday, why? Why would you want to work in a dying field? So now instead of giving them a long winded answer I just have to show them this video. Magazines are not going away anytime soon. I also love the Magazines: The Power of Print advertisements which have recently been published in many magazines. Its such a smart and eye-catching campaign aiming to inform readers that print is not dying out and still remains as popular as ever, even with the Internet.
I think that print and the Internet will learn to co-exist. Neither will go out of fashion anytime soon that's for sure! I love both the Internet and print for different reasons. I love how the Internet can present everything at the tips of your fingers within seconds. Whereas I love magazines for the paper, the texture, the smartly written articles, the photographs, and the ability to hold them in your hands. So please, don't make me choose.


  1. Awesome video that completely blew me away!
    As much as I am addicted to surfing through blogs on my phone and screen capping little bits and bobs I could not dream of cutting up any of the magazines I buy now. I love to rip apart second magazines I get for cheap bu my Real Simple remain untouched and gently stores so that I might keep them... forever?

  2. Magazines are an interesting thing in that, unlike newspapers or books, a lot of the "miscellaneous" information, like ads, actually make up a large part of the experience. I think my views on librarianship are a little on the progressive end in that I don't really care as much about the place or the copies of the books as much as I do about the services & the ability to provide for a community.
    It's not that I don't care for the physical sense of a library, I do like it, but I think there's a lot more to libraries than the romanticized snuggle up & read thing. Even though I do think books are beautiful, in a lot of ways, I see them more as a tool for carrying information. Especially since most libraries have identical copies of the books. Archival materials of course, have a lot of value outside of what they were intended for originally.
    E-readers are getting to be pretty impressive, but they don't really work for magazines. They are black & white generally (besides Nook color, although I don't like the Nook as much as I do other readers)& they don't have the gloss that makes images look so great in magazines. Reading them on a screen still leads to the eye strain that bothers people about online reading & then of course, you would have to have an internet connection to view magazines you were subscribed to online & that's just inconvenient.

    At any rate, I think a lot has been said about the issues of print v. digital as far as books & newspapers go, but magazines have not been mentioned as much & I like that you've brought it up.