Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Boy Who Lived

This post is completely dedicated to my love for a very special boy, his name is Harry. Harry Potter to be exact, perhaps you have herd of him? I saw the sixth movie the day it was released here in the states, boy oh boy, it was a treat! First off let me state my opinion of books being made into movies; in order to enjoy both the book and the movie you must view them as two separate forms of entertainment because if you don't then you shall be disappointed with both outcomes. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the sixth movie, I felt that they conveyed much of the important scenes in the book as they could but still giving its own spin on things. I was so happy that Rupert Grint (Ron, for all of you who aren't in the know) has perfect comedic timing, since much of his scenes in this movie were all comedy. In fact I feel that in sense Rupert was the breakout star of the film, since in the first five movies he isn't given the chance to shine in his specialty; comedy. Though of course I still feel that Daniel Radcliffe did a superb job as Harry, as always (I hope I don't sound to bias, considering my admiration for him). It was nice to sit in the theater and be surrounded by Harry and the gang once again, to be reminded of why I love them so.

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