Thursday, July 23, 2009

World Traveler

How many of us can claim that we have done anything of great signifigance by the ripe old age of seventeen? Not very many, except for Zac Sunderland and a few other lucky individuals. If you haven't heard of Zac Sunderland, shame on you! He has just recently become the youngest person, at age seventeen to circumnavigate around the world by himself. I had herd about Zac's daring attempt first while watching the news when he first set out on his journey. I was amazed that someone so young (who is close in age to me none the less) would have the courage to do something so extraordinary. I forgot about him for a few months until he was on the cover of ESPN magazine (please don't ask why my family subscribes to it, seeing as I don't even have a brother), when I was promptly reminded about him. I was fascinated by the article, and so ever since then I have been following Zac's journey on his blog. Its amazes me that for someone so young, Zac has experienced more adventure then most people do in their lives. Sometimes though it makes me a bit sad to realize I haven't even done anything that great yet, when reading about people like him, but then I am promptly reminded that I will do something great; just give me time!

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