Monday, July 12, 2010

I Am A Feminist!

OOOHHHHH some people make me SO incredibly angry! I wrote a blog post yesterday called Men + Feminist= Awesome and some one has been anonymously commenting on it. In fact I don't have a problem on anonymous commenter's what I do have a problem with is people who use anonymity to write horrible, sexists things. I choose to publish these comments not because I believe that this anonymous writer is speaking the truth but so you can see that what they are writing about, so you know what we are up against. Their are still people who don't believe that women have rights, that feminism is stupid, that men are better. We still a hell of a fight to finish and it is people like this anonymous commenter who fire me up even more so and want to make a difference in the world. Besides just publishing these comments I also thought I would share what this person has to say.
The first comment I received reads: "I pity Mr. McPherson as he must experience a good deal of self-hate. Since feminism has ceased to be about equality and has evolved into simply being a "special interest", men who believe in true equality can not and should not identify as feminists. Indeed, women who honestly believe in true equality should also not identify with feminism." First off, I don't understand why Don McPherson would experience self hate, in fact I bet he feels better about himself because he knows he is making the world a better place. Secondly, feminism is still about equality. You can't argue that we have achieved equality between men and women; women are still being raped and sexually abused, we still don't have equal pay, the United States still has never had a female President or Vice President, and sexism is still hugely prevalent in our society.
The second comment is: "I pity poor Don McPherson as he must experience much self-hate. Since feminism is no longer about equality and since feminists are merely part of a "special interest group" trying to gain advantages and not fight for true equality, no self-respecting man can actually consider himself a feminist. Indeed no self-respecting woman would really want to associate with those who represent the hate of 50% of humanity." I have to argue against this comment, feminist don't hate men. This is one of the biggest stereotypes which we have  to overcome, this idea that all women who are feminists hate men. This misguided belief could not be further from the truth, in fact I love men, I think they are a completely complex, funny, smart group of people. I know many "self-respecting men" who call themselves feminists (and I'm going to let you in on a little secret, they aren't gay either!), simply because they realise that feminism isn't just a "women's issue" but a issue of humanity. Also if you haven't gotten the memo, President Barack Obama is a feminist too (just look at the shirt he is holding), so who says men can't be feminist?
Lots of Love From A Feminist,


  1. I have to say, honestly and respectfully, I believe in a lot of feminist ideals-- equality between sexes, of course-- but feel very alienated by and angry at feminists who seem to take feminism as meaning something like "men are awful, women rule." I think there are a lot of great and awful people of both sexes. I am very aware of the systemic problems involves all KINDS of differences, and I think they're awful and we need to work toward having a society that's more accepting of non-Attractive-White-Male humans.

    HOWEVER One thing that's helped me be more understanding and really see that GOOD in feminism has been becoming a vegetarian. I know it seems unrelated at first, but here's the thing: when you say you don't eat meat or that you care about the ethics of eating, a lot of people label you as Crazy PETA Person Who Loves Animals More Than Their Own Offspring Etc. Etc. It's really infuriating and you sort've go "Hey wait but we sane vegetarians don't claim them and think they're awful and going about it all wrong and that's not me!!!" And it's like the really extreme, hateful activists get more attention than the people just trying to do right by the world peacefully, who then get lumped in together.

    I hope this doesn't sound awful, but that's kind've how I feel now about the feminists I've found to be really hateful and that don't seem to get the spirit of equality: people think of THEM first, and not the ones that really do have a lot of things right and are working hard to make this world a better place for all of us. Feminism gets a lot of bad rap, and I think it's the kind of people who come off as really bitter and hateful and all that that make it that way. Also, there are many different points along the spectrum of feminism, like sex-positive feminism, that people don't readily think of but may find they can identify with.

    Long comment, I know, but I wanted to get that out, because it's actually been something I've been thinking of.

  2. It sounds like you don't know what modern feminism really is and have instead bought into the marketing hype they use to dress it up. Either that or perhaps you're what non female supremacists refer to as an equity feminist, which is a woman who believes in equal rights for BOTH sexes. If you don't qualify which kind you mean, most people who are familiar with feminism assume you mean that you are a sexist who support oppression of males under the excuse of women's rights. Just sayin'

  3. You know, Epic Fail, I disagree with what you said. I AM a women and I AM for equality. I would never ever support oppression in any sort of way (not even oppression of males). Clearly you didn't really read what I wrote about. But that's okay, just as long as I know I'm doing the right thing, it's all good.