Saturday, July 31, 2010

Simply Mad (Mad I Tell You!)

Things I'm simply mad about (a.k.a a compilation of the seriously awesome things in life):

  • Drinking tea and eating toast- I love brewing myself a cup of black tea, pouring in a spoonful of sugar (helps the medicine go down as my favorite nanny says) and a dash of milk then coupling it with toast buttered with jam. YUM! Seriously, life does not get any better then tea and toast, its the simple things in life which make me happy. 
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt- I loved him on 3rd Rock From The Sun (even if he was a bit... gawky), 10 Things I Hate About You, 500 Days of Summer, and now Inception. What I think is so crush worthy about JGL is he is a "thinking women's type of man (which is how one magazine article described him as)" meaning he's someone who you could laugh with and have an intelligent  conversation with (he went to Columbia Uni... so you know he's smart). Now that's the type of guy I could go for (If you look good in a suit that doesn't hurt either). 
  • Traveling- I love traveling, whenever I am on the road I always feel blissfully happy no matter where I am. Lucky for me, I have an upcoming trip to Boston planned for my cousins wedding, just thinking about it makes my wanderlust kick in!
  • Nap time- Nap time is seriously underrated, well at least here in America, in Europe I know it is different. Almost everyday this past week I have taken a one-two hour nap thus waking up relaxed and refreshed. I don't understand why they ever got rid of nap time after kindergarten, I think now that I am older I need it more then when I was a elementary kid.
  • Feminism- I recently changed the words under my blog title from "musings of an adventurous girl" to "musings of a feminist" because that's what I am. A feminist. Take me or leave me (just like it says in the song from Rent) because I am who I am. This is an idea which I've recently come to terms with and am now proudly proclaiming it to the world.
  • Gingersnap cookies- These might just be the most unappreciated cookie (this and fig newtons) but gingersnap cookies complete me. I love the little ginger kick they have, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet but always delish! 
  • Bangs- I finally got bangs the other day and can I just say, they are totally banging (sorry for the horrible pun, it was hard to resist). I feel like a 60's school girl but a totally badass one, especially when I am wearing my Rayban esque sunnies. 
  • Inception- I know I've already raved about this film in a previous post and about JGL (see above^) but I have to say just one more thing about Inception; I love it! Oh and also, I saw Inception for the second time on Wednesday and I must say its even better the second time around.


  1. I adore bangs too and I couldn't be without mine now. Also totally agree with Joseph Gordon Levitt!

  2. i like this roundup... i have several of the same likes!

  3. tea and toast is my ultimate comfort food. a nice hot, strong cup of tea (with a little sugar :]]) and a slice of toast with peanut butter is my ultimate vice!!
    and JGL- (500) days is probably my favourite film ever, and Inception just blows my mind. I love the idea of him as a "thinking woman's man." he is just adorable.
    i also love naps!! since starting uni I'm ALWAYS tired. a little nap is a great pick me up!!
    oooh remind me to photocop that feminism article for you before i leave the country!! i'm so sorry it's taken me forever!!
    i love this list- i agree with everything!! especially inception!!

    Charlotte xxx