Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dancing The Night Away

Didn't First Lady Michelle look stunning last night? When I saw her dress, by Jason Wu, my breath was taken away. My first thought was "god, she looks beautiful in that" and my second was "I want it, and I am willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get it!" So perhaps that's not the nicest thought ever, but I have no doubt that countless copies of the dress will be in stores with in a few months (I would never buy a replica of her dress though. There are somethings which are meant to only be worn on one person, and this dress is one which is only meant to be seen on her). Of course it will be very hard dress to pull it off, since Michelle looks ravishing in it. She looks exactly what you expect your First Lady to look like, she's bringing style back to the White house!
P.S. Didn't you think that President Obama and the First Lady looked super cute when they were dancing? It was sweet to see that they were so awkward when they danced to Beyonce singing "At Last", isn't it nice to know that there still human?

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