Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today is an amazing day! I was in school but luckily my teachers were nice enough to let us watch this historic day in history. Seeing Obama be sworn in was amazing, I had a little bit of an epiphany when watching him take his oath. First I never realized how short the swearing in it self was, but I suppose I was too young to understand the last time we had a inauguration. Secondly, I recognized that today is a great day to be an American. Sure the journey may be long a difficult but I have no doubt that we will accomplish the tasks with the help of President Obama. President Obama! It feels so great to say those two words (or is it pen them? since you cannot hear me say those words, it does not matter, they both have the same feeling about them), since we actually have great feelings for our leader. As the first lady, Michelle, looked stunning in her outfit by Isabel Toledo, hears to hoping that she will bring a little bit of fashion back to the White house! I just love the fact that she dressed her daughters in J.Crew, fashionable yet cheep(ish). In this state that we are in it is nice to see someone pay attention to prices. So now all I really have to say is: congratulations President Obama!

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