Friday, January 23, 2009

Scarves Scarves Scarves!

I'm Writing this post to declare my new found love for scarves! Jemma was ahead of the curb and has liked these babies for years, but I have only recently discovered them. I found a couple of scarves that I like/have/want.
These two are from Old Navy. They have a lot of nice cheap ones there. I have both of these. The first in orange and the second in blue. Jem's my twin with the first one in blue!

These two are from gap. I thought all of the polka dots were cute!

This checkered one is from Forever 21. I don't really know how people tie these all triangulary like that. I really should find out. I asked the lady who worked there (I think she thought I was a bit crazy) and she didn't know either so who knows if I'll ever find out.

Theses last three are all from Delia's I really want the last two. In fact I think I might buy them now.

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