Sunday, January 18, 2009

What To Do On A Sunday Afternoon

I was just perusing like I normally do when I'm either A) trying to avoid homework or B) board. Guess which of the above it was? If you guessed A then your correct! When I chanced upon this lovely brown bag, it has all the makings of the perfect school bag. Over the shoulder strap, lots of room to carry books, and the overall cute look of it. The only downside is that it cost a whopping 225 dollars! In this economy there is no way one can justify spending over 200 hundred on a bag, no matter how much they may long for it. It is usually the things that we want the most that we can't afford, isn't it? So to comfort my self from the wanting of the bag I began to look for other less expensive goodies. I also found on the daintiest bow earrings, for only 18 dollars. They would look super cute with the majority of my outfits, adding a classic touch to my normally rather simple school outfits. The bracelet is on sale for 12 dollars, it would look good with my other bracelet which I have worn every day for over a year or so. The bracelet is my good luck charm, if I don't have it on I feel lost. The owl candle is 10 dollars, well I have no need for it but... I just love the idea of having a candle burning when writing. The idea of wise old owl near by seems so comforting, since candles always help when trying to conjurer thoughts and ideas into complete sentences.


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