Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Luxury Of Lace

I really quiet like the combination of a
overly large pink bow and lots of lace a
and tulle. Plus this looks like its
possibly a vintage 1950's party dress which
makes it all the more special.
This is such a demure dress, coupled
with a blue ribbon it adds a flair of frailty to
it. Its so simple yet, its uniqueness is in
the details.

I love not only this dress but this photograph
as well. I think the woman's hair and pose
adds to the feeling that the dress is from
the Victorian era. Once again, It is the
details of the fine lace which makes
the dress so special!
Today I am dreaming white lace dresses! I think it would be splendid if I could wear lace dresses every day of the week. Unfortunately, I think I would get a lot of unwanted stares from people if I looked like I came straight out of the Victorian era. Part of my obsession with lace, and dresses comes from a fantastic book series I have been reading, called The Luxe. All four of the books take place during the years 1899-1900 in New York City. The plot involves the wealthiest families of New York society. Its such a wonderfully written tale, with lots of plots twists, and has many details about the outfits which the female characters wear. These are dresses which I would die to wear, if only for a night. They are so elegant and elaborate, yet, during this time it was expected that women wear fancy frocks every day! That sounds like my kind of Paradise...

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