Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Proper Treatment

I have been working on an important speech for my public speaking class for the last few days. We have to give a persuasive speech, so I chose to focus on "demanding ethical treatment of garment workers." While doing my research I stumbled upon some really awesome websites/organizations which are working to combat the unethical treatment of workers. On one of the sites I found, www.FairWearFoundation.org, they list all of the companies which associate with the organization. Several of the brands included are popular labels; think Acne, APC, Cheap Monday, Odd Molly, ect. Through my research so far, I have yet to find a really predominate U.S. based organization, except for the Fair Labor Association. I think its interesting to note that most of the websites/organizations which I found information on are European. It seems like more companies and people based in Europe care more about the treatment of garment workers then people based in the United States. I wonder why this is so? Humm.... Well now I am off to ponder this and put the finishing touches on my paper.

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