Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspire Me

This is totally true plus the colours in the photograph
are gorgeous, no?
This dress includes some of my favourite things:
tulle, pale pink, sashes, and fabric flowers. How adorable!

Both of these images are stunning, they invoke a certain
feeling of days gone by, during a forgotten era.

I adore the pale nude/cream tones of the dresses which
both girls are wearing.

As a self professed Harry Potter geek I
love anything which has to do with it, which
means this Bonnie Wright photograph is even
more awesome. Although, even if she wasn't Ginny
I still would love this picture, just because I love
headband which she is sporting. Its totally outrageous
yet, somehow works on her.

I've been enamoured with braids for a long
time now, but I've finally professed my love for them on
this blog. I am trying to grow my hair out long enough
so I can try out this hair trend and I can't wait until its the
right length.

I feel like its time for another inspiration post, its been awhile. It seems to me like I just hoard images which inspire me and they sit in files the computer waiting to be shown on this blog. So enjoy all these images which have recently struck my fancy.

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