Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Vogue

I just bought my copy of the March issue of American Vogue and let me say, it weighs a ton! It is the second biggest issue which Vogue has ever printed, this is after the Sienna Miller issue a few years ago. I love that its huge, although it does mean its a lot more weight to carry around in my school bag. As soon as I found out Tina Fey was on this months issue I was positively giddy, she is such a funny women! For me I think she's right up on the top of the greatest funnies in the business (Amy Poehler and Ellen are the other two). I mean who can forget her hu-lar-i-o-us saint as the infamous Sarah Palin on SNL? I have yet to finish reading the magazine but I can already tell its going to be good. Perhaps this is Vogues way of saying, "We're Back! Magazines are here to stay!?" Anyways... what do you think of Vogue or magazines in general? Personally I am such a huge fan of magazines, I can't even begin to tell you how much I spend on them monthly, it's rather shameful.
P.S. I was going to post a photograph from Tina Fey's shoot which Vogue but for some reason Blogger is being a pain and wont let me upload it! Urghhh.... sometimes the Internet can be such a fickle thing!


  1. Yay for larger than life copies of Vogue! ;)
    I love Tina Fey too.

  2. I can't say Im a huge fan of magazines. I mean I love certain parts of them and often buy them just for a few pages but they always manage to disappoint me. They seems so full of pointless content and barely ever seem to say anything at all.
    What makes you love them?


  4. hmmm...i might just buy one now!

  5. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog =)
    The post you have been waiting is finally out. Do tell me what you think of it.