Friday, February 26, 2010

Ranting And Lula

Warning Rant Ahead; Read At Your Own Caution:
Gerrrrrrrrrr.... This dang computer/Blogger! It STILL will not let me upload any images, even after I've tried everything! I even tried fixing it myself, which actually I am rather proud of. I read all the directions which were suggested and did them perfectly, this is really rare for me considering how lacking I am in computer skills. So anyways... enough of my complaining and onto better things! I was going to show you all the pretty new spring 2010 Lula covers, but no, Blogger/computer decided to be a pain (Whoops! Their I go again... haha). For the tenth issue of Lula the magazine publishers choose to produce seven covers with seven different models. Models such as the always stunning Chanel Iman, Kate Somers, Liu Wen and more! This is such a good way to celebrate a tenth issue I think, why not make it a collectors item? Now all I have to do is collect them all...
P.S. If you do want to see each of the seven covers go check out,, I've should have linked you right to the page! Let me know if it didn't link it though please, thanks!

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