Wednesday, February 18, 2009

International Singers

Yesterday I was at my friend "A" house when we decided to go on Youtube, just for fun. We started off by looking up funny "fail" videos, some of them are so hilarious! Then one of us suggested that we look up Spanish singers, what we found was fantastic. I don't take Spanish as a language in school, where as the rest of my friends do, so some of them were already familiar with some of the singers. Our favorite person that we found was David Bisbal, who was on a Spanish version of British Pop Idol (or here in the states, American Idol), and let me tell you; he is amazingly good! I don't understand a word he is saying, yet I can still appricate his vocal talent. Plus he's quite easy on the eyes, don't you think? He is not the only singer who speaks in a foreign tongue who I am a huge fan of. Another favourite of mine is Yael Niem, who you might have herd of since her song "New Soul" was featured on an Apple commerical. I just love that she sings in a mixture of English, French, and Hebrew. Which is fantastic since I can understand almost all of her lyrics since I speak bit of all three languages. I wish that she would have a lot more success in the American music business, the same with David Bisbal. I mean once you make it in the American music industry then you can make it almost anywhere in the world. Both singers are huge stars in there own country, but some how haven't gotten enough attention in the united states.
P.S. My favourite Bisbal songs are "Ave Maria" and "Buleria", both are fantastic. Check them out on Youtube!

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