Friday, February 27, 2009

Vogue India

So today I was perusing the American Vogue's website, when I spied at the bottom of the page, Vogues international sites (really, I'm telling you all the best stuff in life is where no one looks!). So I clicked on Vogue India, just out of interest (plus, I have always wanted to go to India, so anytime I can get my "India" fix whether its through food or movies, I take that opportunity) and what I found blew my mind away! First off the magazines website, is in English, which is extremely helpful for someone who doesn't speak any of the hundreds of languages spoken in India (except for English, its my native language). Then I noticed, at the bottom of the page (again!) that Freida Pinto was on this months cover! I just about died when I saw that she was on the cover, I just loved her in Slumdog Millionaire (but of course you already probably know that since I've ranted about it several times on here!) plus she's got great personal style. Now I'm craving the issue of Vogue India (is it a good sign to be "craving" a magazine? I'm not so sure that it is...), and I am almost willing to do anything to get in my hands. So if you have a copy, please let me know! Or if you just have scans of the issue with her on the cover, please send them my way!
P.S. The pictures are from an issue of Vogue India, with the lovely model Gemma Ward and photographed by Patrick Demarchelier which I found while browsing the Internet. Aren't all the photo's stunning? I've been a fan of Demarchelier's work for a while now, but this is just a perfect editorial. Everything is just so beautifully done. My only wish is that perhaps they should have used an Indian model, or at least someone who is a little bit more ethnically diverse then the model that they picked, then the pictures would be perfect! But I shall save the topic of "diversity in the fashion world" for another time, when I am more awake, right now I'm falling asleep at my desk!

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  1. oh wow this is truly amazing! I should have a look at Vogue India. Never have before!
    Inspiring :)