Thursday, February 5, 2009

Youth Icon

I am partial to Emma Watson's wardrobe choices, maybe its because I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but I like to think it is because she makes such great style choices. She always dresses in a youthful yet in a classic manner. Have you ever had a celebrity who you thought, "god I wish I could raid there wardrobe!", well Emma is just that person for me. I just love everything that she wears, I want it all! Sometimes when I'm having one of those days where nothing I put on works, I revert to thinking "what would Emma wear?" It may seem childish to do so, but I find it oh so helpful in keeping me from going insane from the issues I might be having with what I am wearing. So next time your having one of "those days", just think about who's style you admire and then try to emulate it. It works every time, I promise!

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