Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Six Words or Less"

Today for homework my sociology teacher gave us an unusual assignment. He asked us to write down in six words or less, who we are, and what we define ourselves as. I think this might have been one of the hardest homework assignments which I've ever had (and trust me I've had a lot!), but it also was one of the most rewarding ones I've ever done too. He posted a link on his website, which led to this totally cool site called Smith Magazine (I posted the link on the sidebar). The website asks people to write down in six words or less, to tell a story about themselves. Some of them are sad, some are thought provoking, and some are just laugh out loud funny. But regardless, each and every "story" which someone posts, tell's a little bit about themselves. I am officially hooked on this site, having spent the last half and hour perusing, when I should have been making myself dinner. So please check out the site and maybe you will leave a story for others to discover? I thought I would share with you some of the six words or less, which I have discovered, and Which have resontated with me deeply.

  • Discarded map, took road less traveled.
  • Dreamed the word. Woke up.
  • Aspiring writer: Aced english, failed geometry (trust me I can relate with this one... math is not my strong suit!)
  • After Harry Potter, things got weird.

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