Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a Weekend

This weekend I was cooped up in my house, resting after having a minor foot surgery. So whats a girl to do when she can't do anything? Why watch lots of television of course! This weekend I rediscovered my love for America's Next Top Model and Tennis. On Saturday I just bummed around, watching whatever movies happened to be on the telly. Today was a more successful day, in terms of Television watching. There was a ANTM season 10 (I think?) Marathon on Oxygen which I happily indulged in. It seems to me that the show started going down the tube after the 10th season, so Tyra, get your act together and bring back ANTM to its former glory. In between watching ANTM episodes I watched the Australian Open, the men's finals. And let me tell you, it was epic! I love, love, love Rafael Nadal with all my heart. So to see him play against Roger Federer was a real treat for me, it definitely made my weekend. I love a good Federer-Nadal match and this one was no different. Though I have to say it might have been epic, but no where as epic as the Wimbledon match, last year which was probably the most epic tennis match ever (in my opinion). To top it off, Nadal won!!!!!! So yes my weekend might have been a little bit lame compared to everyone else's but... hey I got to catch up on my T.V. watching! I hadn't watched that much T.V. in ages, it felt good to be a boob tube. I leave you now with a picture of the amazingly good looking Nadal, and the man who he crushed to pieces to enjoy!

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