Friday, April 24, 2009


So I just found this interesting article on Yahoo news about how hip President Obama is. I thought I would show you a portion of the article which I thought was the most interesting:

"It’s so hip that school kids in Albany, N.Y., coined a term for it: “Baracking.” And it doesn’t stop there. Those in the know at Albany High greet each other by saying: “What’s up, my Obama?” and they respond to a sneeze with “Barack you.” Misbehavior is peer-corrected with the admonition, “Barack’s in the White House,” which translates, “Show some respect.”"
I find it interesting that they have used our presidents name and turned it into hip words or sayings, it just goes to show how accessible and "real" he is to everyone. So I think I shall try using "Baracking", "What's up, my Obama?" or my personal favorite... "Barack's in the White House"; it will be interesting to see what peoples reactions are. What do you think about High School Kids at Albany coining terminology which perhaps might be common Fraze's with in a few years?

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