Thursday, April 30, 2009

Give A Little Bit...

These are TOMS shoes, perhaps you have herd of them? They are becoming quite popular shoes. I just love that for every set of shoes sold TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Isn't that fantastic? I want a pair of TOMS sooo.... bad, a family friend has a pair and she said that they are the most comfortable shoes ever. I know I said in my last post that I am on a bit of a shopping ban but.... this is totally different for two reasons. Reason #1: My mom would probably buy them for me (I hope I am not sounding like a spoiled little child, since I often pay for many of things which I buy with my own money). Reason #2: Both my mom and I are suckers for anything which donates some of the profits made to charity and since TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a needy child every time a pair is sold... I think that it is a good cause. The only problem is that I can't seem to find any stores around here which sell them, I can't buy shoes online since I always seem to order the wrong size. I suppose I shall just have to wait until I go to NYC, if we go this summer.

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