Saturday, April 11, 2009

Forever 21

So today my friend A and I went shopping at the mall on our second day of spring break. The first store on our list was Forever 21, aka what we call "the sparkly store," since it has the coolest sparkly floors and chandlers. We can spend hours wandering the store... you never know what you are going to find. In fact we spend most of our time looking in Forever 21. In the end we decided to come back if we had time so we could look around some more. We then meandered our way over to Old Navy since I was on a hunt to find the perfect maxi dress for summer. I found it at Old Navy, its a cobalt blue color... bright for summer but not too bright (I tried to find it online... but they didn't have it). We then headed back to Forever 21 after drifting in and out of some other stores and not buying anything. I ended up buying a grey hippyish bag from the store (its the same one which is in the picture above, just a different color). I was going to get an awesome straw hat too but when I went to pay for it I realized I was just two dollars short. So I had to tell the cashier that I only wanted the purse... how embarrassing! I think I am going through a 70's faze right now since I bought two items which could come strait from the time period. I blame it on my habit of watching too many reruns of That 70's Show... I've seriously started wishing my wardrobe consits of the outfits which Jackie wears. In fact, I swear that I saw Jackie sport a purse very, very similar to the one I just bought!

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