Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Parties and Photographs

On Thursday three of my friends A, S, and K (I really should come up with proper names for them... instead of using the letter of there first name) came over to my house for a little photo shoot. I needed models for a shoot which I had to do for my photography class, I based the shoot around the photography of Eleanor Hardwick and Tim Walker but added a more fairytale edge to it. I originally begged two of my other friends to help me with the photo shoot but they chickened out, claiming that "they don't like getting there pictures taken", which is complete garbage... everyone likes getting photographed! In the end it worked out for the better not having those two friends model for me... since my other friends were more then willing and also quite photogenic as well! I really hope that my photo's turned out good... I haven't developed them yet! After we had our little shoot which took place outside in my backyard we had a little impromptu tea party. Lying on our blanket, drinking our lovely Marks and Spencer's tea (Which you simply cannot find here in the states... I had to ask for it for my birthday from my Auntie), on a blissfully spring day, we just chatted away the rest of the day. Thursday felt like the first real day of spring, it was so sunny and blue out with the feeling in the air that summer is coming soon. We made a promise to ourselves to meet once a week during summer so we might have a picnic/tea party like did the other day. I sure hope that we can keep this promise, though sometimes when summer rolls around it is very hard to keep in touch when everyone is busy with there non school lives, so understandably this is a promise which might be very hard to keep. All in all, I think that Thursday was the perfect day during a wonderful vacation from school sadly that wont last; seeing as I shall be back in school on Monday, Yuck!

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