Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures Of You, Pictures Of Me...

Yesterday for my photography class, which I am taking this year in school, I got my assignment for our last major photo project. I was sooo... excited because I had been looking foreword to getting another project, anytime I have a camera in my hands I am completely and utterly happy. We have to choose a photographic career (such as editorial, fine arts, documentary ect.) and then a photographer who's work inspires us. Our assignment is too shoot pictures which are inspired by the photographer of our choice. So I have chosen to do fine arts photography with a concentration in fashion photography and my inspiration comes from the amazingly talented Tim Walker and Eleanor Hardwick. Many people have herd of Tim Walker (or at least people who spend hours reading fashion magazines in boarders do... um, like me!) but not as many people have herd of Eleanor Hardwick. She is a 15 year old girl from England who takes the most breathtakingly beautiful photographs. It almost seems unreal that a girl this young could take these photo's... she's born with such a natural talent which many people would kill for. So now my challenge is to get photo's even half as good as there's... but it is a challenge which I relish!
P.S. The first three photographs are Eleanor Hardwick's, You can find more of her work at http://eleanorhardwick.com/ and the last three are Tim Walker's photographs.

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  1. what a great idea! i totally want to do a tim walker inspired shoot but that takes a lot of time and probably money. his set designs are insanely amazing.