Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vogue It Up

Avid readers of Vogue have probably already gotten their copy of the May 2009 issue, yet I thought I would Share with you scans from one of my favorite photo shoots from the issue. As you already know, I am madly in love with India and its culture so when I turned the page to find a whole spread featuring the Stunning Lakshmi Menon, I let out a little Squeal! On top of seeing that Vogue had featured a Indian model in their magazine, the fact that they shot in Goa (an Indian beach town) practically sent me over the moon with my happiness! I just love all the photo's from the spread, though I especially love the first, third, and fifth photos (in each one Lakshmi is wearing white dresses... I love white dresses!). Now if only American Vogue would feature Freida Pinto on the cover... that would be a dream!
I am sure that I am not the only person to notice that Vogue has featured four African Americans on their there last three covers (this month's model issue had two, then they also had Beyonce and Michelle Obama on the cover). I am sooo.... freaken' excited that they have begun to break the color barrier that can exists in the fashion world, we need more unique individuals on the covers of magazines. Though, of course the real credit should go to Italian Vogue for really breaking down the wall; with there black issue last year which featured only black models. If we could get a little more diversity in the fashion world then I think that it could bring about lots of positive changes.

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