Saturday, April 25, 2009

So This Is How The World Looks Upside Down...

Taken during vacation, when I got together with some friends for a Photo shoot. I took it when I was laying down on the blanket which we had set up, looking up at the tree's and sky in my yard.

The Sky yesterday while we were driving. I took it from the open sunroof on my mom's car when we were stopped at a stoplight. I just love this photograph... fluffy, light clouds that look so beautiful.

This is one of my Photographs for my 365 days, I wish I only knew how to rotate the picture so you could see it without contorting your neck into funny shapes! I hope you can read it too... it says "I Am Blinded By You."
I went to my sister's regatta, to watch her row today. They came in third, much to my sister's annoyance... she likes to win (though to be fair... I think everyone prefers to win rather then lose anything, losing sucks!). She has another race tomorrow, so hopefully she will do better then, good luck L! I won't be able to go and watch her, unfortunately, since I have plans to get together with some friends and study for exams. Yes, I know you must be thinking, it is rather lame that we have study sessions together, but really it is much more fun studying together then by one's self. We hardly study that much anyways, we are to busy eating candy and fooling around that before we know it, we haven't reviewed a thing!

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