Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hrithik and Music

I have been spending all my time lately on Youtube watching Bollywood videos and during this time I've discovered Hrithik Roshan. I suppose anyone who knows anything about Bollywood has herd of Hrithik, but I have only just learned about him, I'm new to the scene! I fully understand why everyone in India is completely gaga for him, he's such a heartthrob! If you ever have the chance look up some of his movies on Youtube, he is so much fun to watch! I have also been listening to a lot of songs from Bollywood movies and I have discovered some of my new favourite tunes. I really love the song's "Saawariya" from the movie of the same title, "Woh Ajnabee" from Train, "Ab to Forever" from Ta Ra Rum Pum. If you get the chance... look them up, they are just amazing!


  1. great blog

  2. haha awesome!! I'm indian, Hrithik is dreamy. Good for you, broadening your tastes! :)