Thursday, May 21, 2009

Winning Inspiration

Jane Berkin

Oh dear. I really have been a bad girl, I've neglected this blog for about a week, I am so sorry. I mean it to, although I really don't have any excuse for it though since I haven't had much homework at all and nothing to do except go to Physical Therapy. I just love the above picture of Jane Berkin, doesn't she look so elegant and dainty? This is my inspiration for today, perhaps I can look at this picture in the hopes that I won't be so clumsy and become more graceful (yeah right, like that would ever happen)!

Now, I know that the whole world (well okay, just America) is buzzing about the winner of American Idol but I can't resist adding my own two cent's into the mix. I was rather pleased with the outcome of the results, seeing as Kris Allen won. Out of the whole season, Kris, is the person I am most likely to have on my ipod therefore I was thrilled that he won, plus he is rather nice to look at, no? Though I thought that Adam was amazing as well, so it didn't really matter to me who won, I would have been happy with either of them. What do you think about Kris winning?


  1. omg i face the same problem! i wish i had a quarter of the amount of grace that she has. i too, am ridiculously clumsy. oh well, maybe i'll improve some day. great photo! :)