Sunday, May 10, 2009


Now that summer is coming its time to think about how your going to protect yourself from the suns glare and still look fashionable. I always break my sunglasses quite easily, therefore as a rule I never invest more then twenty dollars in a pair of sunnies. I love these sunnies from Forever 21, they are all under ten dollars! They had lots more sunglasses on their site which I loved but I didn't want to go overboard with the amount which I showed on here. I have a pair of black wayfares but I am thinking that it would be lots of fun to get a pair of "crazy" colored sunnies. It would be fun to wear a pair of sunnies which are not your typical colored sunglasses, especially to concerts and around town. I would love to see if people react to me wearing brightly colored sunnies. Now which one should I get?
P.S. Have you told your mother how much you love her? If not, go do so since its mothers day! Happy Mothers day to all those special mom's out there!

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