Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finding Inspiration

I was reading the divine blog, The Glamourous Grad Student (, when I happened upon a series of posts on figuring out what style of dress you tend to gravitate towards. I loved this idea, especially the post on style inspiration. So I thought I would copy the questions and share with you my own answers. Feel free to do this on your own blog too (or leave a comment telling me about your inspirations), it would be neat to get a lot of other people participating since I would love to read about who inspires your style.

Which famous person scores highest for style with you? Can be an actress, singer, politician, It-girl... Whoever appeals to you!
Michelle Obama and Emma Watson are two of my favorite famous people, not just for their personalities and awesomeness but because they have great style. Mrs. O always dresses impeccably, she knows how to wear classic items yet make them pop with a bright pattern or a nice accessory. As for Emma Watson I think the same could be said for her, she tends to wear classic items yet puts a little twist on them.

What are your favourite literary, movie and television characters, if style alone were the criteria?

Two of my favorite movies purely based off of style are 500 Days Of Summer and Marie Antoinette. I love Summers style in 500 Days Of Summer, such a retro and quirky style. The film Marie Antoinette is what I like to call "clothes porn" since everyone in the film wears stunning outfit and you cannot help but be inspired by them.

Time and place can be so evocative. When and where would you love to live, just for the style? List up to three.
Photograph taken by me
I would love to live in the beautiful city of Paris, France. I have always thought that the majority of Parisiennes have such a classic style and I would love to be immersed in it. I can picture myself wearing a simple pale pink dress with black buttons and ribbon around the waist, paired with a tan trench coat and a Chanel purse (oh yes, I've dreamed of this fantasy before, all the way down to what I am wearing!) while sitting a cafe drinking an espresso.

If money/shipping limitations/stupid sizing were not issues, what shops and designers would you go to for clothes?
If I had the money to afford these designers and stores I would shop at Chanel (who wouldn't?), Selfridges (when I went into the store I could not stop oohing and ahhing at all the lovely clothes), Stella McCartney (I love a good eco-friendly line which also has great clothes), and finally I would want to shop at little boutiques which carry designers which are impossible to find anywhere else.

What this section tells me...

It seems to me that I tend to favor classic styles but worn with a whimsical twist (so a bright color or innovative piece of jewelry). All of the people/movies who I admire are very classy, prim and proper, and tend to wear a lot of dresses. I think I've already begun to incorporate wearing dresses into my style, I've always been more of a dress girl then a pants girl. So from now on when I go shopping I shall think "what would Michelle/Emma/Summer/Marie/or a Parisian girl wear?"


  1. Lovely inspirations! I love the stills I've seen for 500 Days of Summer but I hear the movie itself was not very good. Is that true, do you think?

  2. I love Emma Watson's style as well. And I'm DYING to visit Paris.

  3. I also loved Summer's style in 500 days of summer! It's been a big inspiration for me.