Monday, May 10, 2010

Tree Lover

Growing up I always wanted a tree house in my backyard. Unfortunately for me, all of the tree's we had in our yard were not sturdy enough to hold up a tree house. So instead I had to content myself with building a "fort" made out of broken branches and sticks against the tree stumps. Now if I had my way all these years later this would be my dream tree house! It looks like such a wonderful place where I could just sit, read, and dream.


  1. This is an adorable treehouse! I agree: it looks perfect for sitting, reading, and dreaming :)

  2. i always had that same problem too! little baby trees do not support an entire house. i always wished that parks would allow people to build treehouses in them, but i suppose it would be too much of a liability for the city. building forts is still fun too, i want to build a teepee in my friend's backyard this summer