Sunday, May 16, 2010

High School

(I couldn't resist sharing a photograph of my favorite high
school movie, The Breakfast Club, it's such a classic!)
I cannot believe that their is only eighteen more days left of school (yes I am counting, I mean who doesn't do this?), which means their is only eighteen more days left of senior year! Holy crap! It seems like time flys by and now I have to enjoy it while it lasts. It seems so surreal. On one hand I am so excited to graduate but on the other hand... I am going to miss this place. Their are a few more things to check off my list before graduation day though, senior skip day (my friends and I are having a pool party), senior prank and prom. All these quintessential cliches about senior year of high school. However, I don't think any education would be complete without them. So tell me... what was your senior year like? I must say though, I am also really excited for what lies ahead, starting college, meeting new people, and growing as a person.


  1. my senior year of high school was really funny, i ended up hanging out with a bunch of kids who i had barely talked to all through the other three years of school! it was so much fun, they were really lovely girls!
    when it was close to graduation, we all had to get in the gym & rehearse standing up & sitting down at exactly the same time as well as walking in which was really boring. but then as soon as we were done, we had the whole day free to do whatever we wanted so it was like a head start on summer vacation! we would drive around with loud, obnoxious music & the windows down, grab lunch, & just enjoyed the freedom!

    i'm currently in my last year of college! i'll be continuing in another school to get my master's, but i am graduating with my bachelor's this friday! i feel much the same as you do about starting college in regards to grad school. it is so exciting to set out on something new!

  2. Ah, my senior year was filled with a lot of anxiety, expectations and parties ;) It was especially good because by junior year my grade had really come together and left behind all that initial highschool sillyness. Prom dress, grad dress, afterparties...very relaxing after all that college application stuff.

    It was bittersweet for me too, and I had no idea my life after highschool would be so amazing. I do feel nostalgic about those days and all those people that were a part of my life, but I am so excited to keep going and seeing new things. I still keep in touch with the most important of all those people to me, and I always will, so I'll always have a bit of the past with me ♥