Sunday, May 2, 2010

French Beauty

You know their are just some girls who radiate beauty? Well... I think french actress Clemence Poesy is one of those people. She has such effortless style, it seems that everything she wears looks good. Clemence is definitely one of my top style icons, I love the casual look, effortless look she has which works well with the clothes I wear for school. So tell me... who is one of your favorite contemporary style icons?
Clemence Poesy
Clemence Poesy by the fairytale on


  1. She does have great style! I love her name, too. It sounds like something from a storybook :)

  2. Oh I've never heard of her! As far as contemporary icons go, I'm not even sure myself as I don't completely like anyone's style (as in there are few I admire, but I don't always adore their fashion choices). I can't believe nothing is coming to me atm — it's 2a.m. here in Spain in my defense! Hehe. Will have to come back to this.

  3. Effortless chic is definitely where the French glow... I'm Parisian but only by adoption, so I can boast;)

    As to your sweet question, yep, I used to dance... quite a bit! I've had a little break, but am thinking about taking it up again. I so love bouncing to music. Such a treat.

    My contemp' style icons are the Olsen sisters, Claudia Schiffer, Anne Hathaway and Kate Moss. Edgy yet classy urban chic!

  4. I don't really have any, but I do agree that Clemence has a very appealing individual style! LLGxx