Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do The Polka!

Yesterday was the really first  HOT day of season and today was no different, getting all the way up to 94 degrees! As soon as the hot and humid air hits the area where I live, all I will be found in are lightweight dresses, skirts and breezy shirts. I think that everyone trys to wear as little layers as possible when summer comes just to keep the heat at bay. I've seen a few people attempt to rock the layered look in the summer, and let me tell ya, its not pretty seeing someone look as if they might melt like the wicked witch of the west. I love this retro looking bathing outfit which I found on weheartit.com, it looks like the perfect thing to wear to my friends pool party on Friday! The hat is divine, it looks like it has the right amount of "floppy" and is even cuter with the polka dot ribbon. There is something magical about a polka dot bathing suit, but perhaps this is because of that catchy song lyric "she wore an itsy bitsy yellow bikini..." So lets hear it for the grand adventures of this summer (in a polka dot bathing suit of course)!


  1. The layered look might be cool and hip but extremely uncomfortable in the summer! Seeing someone in layers of clothes in the middle of July is like seeing someone in a summer dress in the middle of winter.

  2. This outfit is so perfect! I would definitley wear it all summer long. And I totally agree about the magic of polka dot bathing suits.

  3. I love that bikini, I bought a similar pair of bottoms this summer and they are wonderful. I love not worrying about bottoms coming down while I'm swimming.

    Neuter Kalin

  4. I love that bikini. I decided to get a new, kinda retro tankini (that looks like a one-piece) from Delia's this year. I love it.