Saturday, May 15, 2010


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Beach Vacation by the fairytale featuring Miu Miu shoes

Ideally these four outfits would be worn by me on my luxury beach vacation in the Mediterranean. The  picture of the town/beach is in Croatia and it looks positively charming, don't you think? I keep envisioning myself on a beautiful, classic sailboat on the bow (in the yellow one piece of course!) reading a good book, and the sun beating down on me. Sounds like a good dream, huh?
I have probably made it very clear throughout many of my blog posts, I have a serious case of wanderlust. I always want to be somewhere else then where I am right now. Makes me wonder what this feeling of wanderlust says about the type of person I am. Although, I don't think I can help it, it is in my blood. My grandma wanted to travel after high school so she joined the WAC (Women's Army Corps) during WWII. Her time as WAC took her to a training camp, then to London, Paris, and eventually she landed on Normandy Beach a few weeks after the invasion! Isn't she such an inspiring women? At a time when women were suppose to support the war on the home front she was going out and really making a difference! Also the fact that she went and followed her dream is quite impressive as well. So yes, I do think it is possible to see where I get my sense of wanderlust from!

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