Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Greatest Unknown

I was on the site, Jezebel (where I go for some of my pop culture information with a feminist spin), when I stumbled on a link to a video about one of the greatest street photographers ever. I've always been very interested in photography so I clicked on it. What I found was surprising and amazing too. Vivian Maier is probably one of the best photographers of the 20th century. Yet, her work wasn't discovered until a few years ago. The nanny/photographer took over 30,000 pictures, and many more images are still not developed. When I watched this video it struck a chord with me, I was amazed that this women had captured so many beautiful moments in peoples everyday lives. Even if you don't care about photography, you can't not watch this video and not be amazed by these stunning images. They were so beautiful that I actually got choked up- I've never cried over works of art before- so that's saying something! If you want to learn more about Maier check out the blog,

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