Wednesday, January 19, 2011

J'aime Beauté 

One of the best websites on the Internet for boosting self confidence and teaching people to love themselves is I first discovered this amazing website months ago, just when it was starting out. It has been such a joy to watch the website and concept grow and become more popular. The idea for operation beautiful is that people write little notes on post-its and leave them in random spots for others find them. They are cheerful, eye catching, and thoughtful notes which have actually helped people realize that they are beautiful and to start loving themselves for who they are. A simple note can truly make a difference in someones life!

I have been posting notes with operation beautiful approved sayings where ever I go in the hopes that it might make someones day. This particular note I stuck on the door of the bathroom stall on my floor at college. What truly amazes me is that it has been on this door since around Thanksgiving time (I think it was before the holiday but I can't exactly remember). No one has taken it down; none of the girls on my floor nor the cleaning staff. In fact the people who clean our bathroom are men. I am pretty sure that it was also one of these men who put a little bit of this tape on post-it since it was nearly about to fall off. Isn't that amazing? I love that no one has any idea who did it (well except for me! hehe) and clearly no one has a problem with it. I really hope that this one post-it note was able to help someone feel better, that it made a difference to someone. In fact, I know it already has, it made a difference to me. It gave me the confidence to continue with this project and yes, I feel beautiful!
P.S. For those of you who might not know French the title of this blog posts means I Love Beauty! 

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  1. ooh thanks for posting the website! so far, so good!