Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Pleasures

This photograph was taken from the window of my
dorm room one day when I was up early- Isn't it

Sometimes we just need to enjoy the simple, wonderful things which life brings us. Life can be so hectic that we sometimes forget to enjoy the little things which bring us joy. The list that follows are just a few of my favorite things. I cannot help but marvel at and smile while doing these things since they bring me so much happiness. 

-Feeling the breeze and the ocean air when at the beach 
-Spending hours in a used bookstore marveling all the rare and special books
-Eating an ice cream from a cone on a summers day
-Painting my nails, especially when they actually look good in the end
-Listening to an upbeat selection of music
-Dancing when no one is around
-Drinking tea while reading a really good book
-Wearing cashmere sweaters 
-Eating mini Babybel original cheese (YUM!)
-Writing a letter or receiving one in return 
-Having a picnic 
-Watching the sunrise or sunset


1 comment:

  1. "-Wearing cashmere sweaters
    -Eating mini Babybel original cheese (YUM!)"


    Haha, my nails never look good :(