Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cheer's To A New Year

Tere Arigo (Tumblr)

So.... Hello....2011! It seems that you snuck up on me and caught me by surprise. 2010 was a blur of exciting events and chances for personal growth. 2010 was a pretty spectacular year so you have a lot to live up too (but I'm sure you can do it). Some of my favorite moments from 2010 are memories which I will cherish forever. I will always remember 2010 as the year I went to prom and danced the night away with my school mates, graduating from high school, celebrating N and M's wedding, dancing with all my cousins and sister to "We Are Family," my trip to Disney with five of my besties, starting college, meeting some amazing people, attending my first hockey game and loving it, amongst other things. I hope that 2011 is even bigger and better then previous years. I hope that this year I am able to be more fearless, to do things I've always dreamt of, to make this the year of magical events. So 2011, are you ready? I say; BRING. IT. ON.

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  1. I hope this year treats you well!